Congratulations, DAN STIFFLER!

Dan Stiffler with TV

Dan Stiffler with his new 65″ LG OLED TV.

Dan Stiffler won this TV

LG OLED 65 inch tv

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On August 28 Dan Stiffler of Wichita was selected in a random drawing as winner of this 65-inch LG OLED television. Proceeds wlll benefit the OU Club of Wichita scholarship program.

Special thanks to Greg Hephner at Hephner TV, John Arnold at Deano’s, and Kelly Dandurand with Edward Jones.

Dan is a longtime supporter of the OU club of Wichita and education.  Dan received his doctorate from Oklahoma State University and holds graduate and undergraduate degrees from the University of Oklahoma, the University of Central Oklahoma and Wichita State University. He has served on the Board of Examiners with the 2009 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program where he worked with the nation’s best and brightest in the field of quality. In 2010, Dan was selected by his colleagues as President of the Kansas Association of School Personnel Administrators. Dan’s experience includes everything from the small town to serving in a major urban area. His range of experience and unique, innovative perspectives give his conversations with employers and managers an added authenticity.

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Ben Powers Meet and Greet – June 29, 2019

Nearly 200 fans filled the conference center at Wichita’s Advanced Learning Library to meet OU All-American and Baltimore Ravens draftee Ben Powers.

The crowd filters in.
OU Club of Wichtia Board member Lori Ellison-Zuercher.
Ben Powers Q & A
ready and waiting
Young fans  Ben Powers Meet and Greet
Waiting line to meet Ben Powers
Ben interviews with KWCH=Ben Powers Meet and Greet
Ben greets his fans. Ben Powers Meet and Greet
Ben does interview with KAKE-TV Ben Powers Meet and Greet
Conference rooms of Wichita's Advanced Learning Library Ben Powers Meet and Greet
Ben spent nearly two hours signing memorabilia. Ben Powers Meet and Greet
Kelly Dandurand shows shot of she and Ben at a game in Norman.
Ben poses with The Ou Club of Wichita board of directors.
Ben posed for dozens of pictures.
Ben makes young fans feel welcome.
Ben work the line.
OU Jersey
Kelly Dandurand and Ben's mom.
The crowd filters in.