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OU Club of Wichita


While I can find no formal documentation about a club in Wichita prior to my arrival in 1974, I do know that in the 60’s and 70’s loyal Sooner fans joined together in Wichita to support OU. The late Barry Staub and Dr. Lawrence Bechtold headed those efforts. They were aided by the late Jay Galloway and Don Vande. The organization experienced a downturn in the 80’s and 90’s although there still were a number of events during this period. With the arrival of President Boren at OU, a new emphasis was placed on reviving and re-chartering local alumni chapters.

A series of meetings was conducted in Winter of 2002 and on April 18, 2002 bylaws were adopted, a constitution signed and the OU Club of Wichita was chartered under the auspices of The University of Oklahoma Alumni Association. Click here to see that document and read the bylaws.

Should you be aware of any of the club’s history prior to 1970 please let me know.

Mark Chamberlin